VSTS and SourceTree

Recently started using Git with VSTS and wanted to connect it up to Sourcetree.  This article by Adam Prescott helped me out.  You can view the article here:

Dev Box Tools

Download SDK Tools for Dynamics V9.0+

Microsoft is no longer providing the entire SDK and samples as a download.  Instead they are hosting the samples on a their website and providing the sdk and tools on nuget.

You can get the tools inside Visual Studio by adding the nuget package but if you just want to download them to a folder on your computer they also have provided a PowerShell script to help you do that too.

Sample code website:

Here is a copy of the powershell script provided by Microsoft:

1. In your Windows Start menu, type Windows Powershell and open it.
2. Navigate to the folder you want to install the tools to. For example if you want to install them in a devtools folder on your D drive, type cd D:\devtools.
3. Copy and paste the following PowerShell script into the PowerShell window and press Enter.
$sourceNugetExe = &…

Find Empty Methods in Visual Studio

To find empty methods in Visual Studio search using the following regular expression.

void\ .*\(*\)(\ |(\r\n))*{(\ |(\r\n))*}

Create Windows 10 VHD and Import as EC2 AMI

In needing to test client configuration and keep them in the same domain as our server we recently needed to add some Windows 10 machines to EC2. It was a bit of a surprise that there were no AMIs available for Windows 10. Instead we needed to create our own VHD and import it as an AMI in our EC2 isntance.

Prepare VM
Download and install Oracle VM VirtualboxDownload your Windows 10 ISO file.Create a new Windows 10 VMWhen creating the hard drive make sure to choose the VHD format.

I chose Fixed size for the storage on the hard disk.  I have not tried using Dynamic.

Give the hard drive at least 25GB go bigger if you can.Attach the ISO to your Virtual Machine and start it up.Run through the windows setupWhen prompted to either enter a windows account or a domain account choose domain account.  You will be promoted to create a new user and password, this new user will be a local administrator on the machine, make sure to save this information.After you have completed the setup enable Remote…

Uploading Large Files into Amazon S3

I recently had to upload some VHDs to Amazon S3 and found myself going beyond the upload limits for the web upload.  In order to accomplish uploading the 50GB files I used the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI).  If you need to know how to install the CLI check here (Install CLI)

1. Open a command prompt As Administrator.

2. Make sure your CLI configuration is up to date.

C:\Windows\System32> aws configure AWS Access Key ID: yourkey AWS Secret Access Key: youraccesskey Default region name [us-east-1]: yourregion Default output format [None]: json
3. Create your bucket on S3 if it's not already there.

4. Run the following command. 

C:\Windows\System32> aws s3 cp c:\temp\yourfile.vhd s3://yourbucket/VHDs
5. After you run the command the output window will provide you feedback as to how much of your download is complete and your current upload speed.

C:\Windows\System32> aws s3 cp c:\temp\yourfile.vhd s3://yourbucket/VHDs Completed 1.1 GiB/50 Gib (14.1 MiB/s) with 1 file(s) re…