Dynamics Multi Entity Search (Global Search) Entity Selection Using C#

While coming up with deployment scripts i was tasked to ensure that the Dynamics Global Search had specific entities selected.  By utilizing one the undocumented SDK message i was able to set this data. (list of undocumented messages)

The manual way of updating these settings
1. Navigate to Settings -> Administration -> System Settings
2. Click on the button for Select entities for categories search
3. Add/Remove the entities you want utilizing the selection screen.

How to do it utilizing code:

var request = new OrganizationRequest("SaveEntityGroupConfiguration"); //create a new QuickFindCofigurationCollection var qfCollection = new QuickFindConfigurationCollection(); //add the entities you want to include in Global Search qfCollection.Add(new QuickFindConfiguration("contact")); qfCollection.Add(new QuickFindConfiguration("incident")); //set the parameters for the request. It took several hours and digging through the //CRM Sdk dlls to find the …

Filter Customer Id field on Case Entity To Only Show Contacts or Accounts

Recently while working on a project where the customer was utilizing the Case entity they wanted to only allow users to enter contacts into the Customer Id field. In order to achieve this you first need ensure that the pre-search only shows contacts.  Next we need to ensure that if the user clicks the "Look up more records" link they only see the option for Contacts in the Look For drop down.

Note: In order to change this to only show Accounts just change all the references to "contact" or "contactid" to "account" and "accountid" respectively.

//attach our filtering code to the customerid field Xrm.Page.getControl("customerid").addPreSearch(filterCustomerField); function filterCustomerField() { //This filter ensures that no accounts will be returned since the accountid field is never null var customerContactFilter = ""; Xrm.Page.getControl("customerid").addCustomFilter(customerContactFilter, "accoun…

Exporting Duplicate Detection Rules Using CRM Configuration Migration (Data Migration Tool)

In order to move Duplicate Detection Rules to another system utilizing the CRM Configuration Migration tool make sure to add the Duplicate Detection Rule and Duplicate Rule Condition entities to the Schema.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE!: Before you try to export the records you have to Unpublish the rules otherwise the tool will skip exporting all the Duplicate Detection Rules and just export the Duplicate Rule Conditions causing you import to fail.

Modify Logon Setting in IE When Group Policy Doesn't Allow It

Recently I needed to "Prompt for user name and password" when logging into my Local Intranet zone so that I could test as multiple users.  A colleague of mine made me aware of the registry settings for these option so you can modify.  These settings will be overwritten next time Group Policy is applied but they provide a good temporary workaround.

The specific key for the Local Intranet Zone is located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Zones\1. The key name is 1A00

Just update this value to 20000 and your setting will now be switched to "Prompt for user name and password"

Here is the listing of the other Zones:

Value Setting ------------------------------ 0 My Computer 1 Local Intranet Zone 2 Trusted sites Zone 3 Internet Zone 4 Restricted Sites Zone

Here is the listing of all the Logon settings you can use:
Value Setting ----------------------------…

Navigate to the Document Associate Grid View From Record

This will allow you to navigate to the Documents Associated Grid view form a button in the main records ribbon.  This currently works for Dynamics 9.0 and 9.1 Online.  Some of the previous versions used navDocument instead of navSPDocuments.

-Create a new ribbon button called DOCUMENTS
-Create a WebResource with a javascript function, something like this

function navigateToSharePointDocuments() {

-From the new button call the javascript function.

Add SharePoint Documents Associated Grid to Page

Recently I was looking for a way to add the SharePoint Documents Associated grid as an IFrame on a Dynamics form. Jason Lattimer's blog had the answer:

VSTS and SourceTree

Recently started using Git with VSTS and wanted to connect it up to Sourcetree.  This article by Adam Prescott helped me out.  You can view the article here: