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Download SDK Tools for Dynamics V9.0+

Microsoft is no longer providing the entire SDK and samples as a download.  Instead they are hosting the samples on a their website and providing the sdk and tools on nuget. You can get the tools inside Visual Studio by adding the nuget package but if you just want to download them to a folder on your computer they also have provided a PowerShell script to help you do that too. Sample code website: Here is a copy of the powershell script provided by Microsoft: 1. In your Windows Start menu, type Windows Powershell and open it. 2. Navigate to the folder you want to install the tools to. For example if you want to install them in a devtools folder on your D drive, type cd D:\devtools. 3. Copy and paste the following PowerShell script into the PowerShell window and press Enter. $so

Find Empty Methods in Visual Studio

To find empty methods in Visual Studio search using the following regular expression. void\ .*\(*\)(\ |(\r\n))*{(\ |(\r\n))*}