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VS Shortcut for Data View Pane on SSRS Report

To open the Data View pane for an SSRS report do the following. -Open Report -Click on the Report Canvas -Use the following keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + D

CRM SSRS FetchXml PreFiltering Tips

I don't do custom SSRS to often but when I do I consonantly have issues pre-filtering FetchXML in SSRS reports.  The items below are what I have found to be the total set of requirements to make sure it works. Example:  Let's say we have an entity called 'new_house'.  Below is the FetchXML statement I would use in the data set. <fetch mapping="logical" version="1.0"> <entity name="new_hosue" enableprefiltering="true" prefilterparametername="CRM_Filterednew_house"> <all-attributes/> </fetch> Here are the steps i usually take to create this fetch. -Open the query designer and paste in the fetch without the enableprefiltering and prefilterparametername attribute. <fetch mapping="logical" version="1.0"> <entity name="new_hosue" > <all-attributes/> </fetch> -Next add the enableprefiltering="true" attribute then close