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Create SharePoint Buttons on Administration Page

A long time ago I wrote a SharePoint administration page and had used the "Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.WebControls" dll to create Ok and Cancel buttons at the bottom of the page.  Well I recently had a customer who wanted to use it but only had WSS and the page was erroring out when they tried to load it instead I ended up using another solution from Karine Bosch which is below. Link to original article:   To include a ButtonSection control on an application page you have to use the following syntax: <wssuc:ButtonSection runat= "server" ShowStandardCancelButton= "true" > <template_buttons> <asp:PlaceHolder runat= "server" > <asp:Button id= "SubmitButton" UseSubmitBehavior= "false" runat= "server" class = "ms-ButtonHeightWidth" Text= "OK&