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Team Member License Enforcement in GCC

If you have custom applications built on Dynamics/Dataverse within the US Government Community Cloud (GCC) and only have Team user license that were purchased after October 2018 your apps screen may soon like like the one above. These Team licenses were designed for access to very specific first party apps. Customer Service Team Member Sales Team Member Project Resource Hub For a long time the restriction on these licenses in GCC had not had any sort of technical enforcement behind them but that is changing. Restrictions are being put in place that will ensure users can only utilize the first party apps listed above. Additional information on the license enforcement can be found on the Microsoft docs site . What are the team license types? To better understand what licenses you currently have in your environment let’s take a look the different team licenses. The image below shows you the display names of the different team licenses available and what they can access. As y

Power Automate Custom Connectors - Import Postman v2 Collection

There are many tools you can utilize to develop Power Automate custom connectors including Postman and Swagger Inspector . I prefer to utilize Postman but recent updates to the product no longer make it possible to export to a v1 collection. This is unfortunate because the Power Automate custom connector site only allows upload of v1 collections. Luckily APIMATIC allows you to convert the Postman 2.0 collection to just about any other format you want. You can downgrade them to Postman 1.0 or you could convert them to OpenAPI 2.0 format which you can also directly upload to the Power Automate connector page. Have fun creating custom connectors!

Horizontally Scroll A Large Power Apps Gallery

So you have a lot of data to display but the screen in Power Apps isn’t large enough. My friend Ronald Sease recently showed me how to create a gallery in Power Apps that you can scroll horizontally. It’s a simple but powerful solution utilizing a horizontal container and a vertical gallery. Demo Instructions First add a Horizontal container to your screen. Set the LayoutOverflowX property on the Horizontal container. LayoutOverflowX = LayoutOverflow.Scroll Add a Vertical gallery within the horizonal container you created. Set the following properties on the Vertical gallery. ShowNavigation = true (this isn’t required but the navigation buttons make it much easier to move up and down the list when the up/down scrollbar is off the screen.) Height = Parent.Height (if you are using the Show Navigation option then set this to Parent.Heigh - 20 so that the navigation buttons are not covered up by the scroll bar.) LayoutMinWidth = 1000 (This value needs to be larger th

Install/Configure Power Apps Mobile for U.S. Government and DoD User

For those working in the U.S. Government or DoD/Military space needing the Power Apps mobile application on your phone, an additional step of selecting a region must be taken before you attempt to sign-in. Microsoft has three separate regions listed below where U.S. Government information is stored, for additional information click here . US Government GCC US Government CGG High US Government DoD NOTE: Before attempting the video or written instructions below, contact your system administrator to determine which U.S. Government region you belong to. Video Tutorial Click the image below to open the YouTube video. Instructions Here are the instruction on how to install the Power Apps mobile application and change the region setting before you log in. Android : Open Google Play / iPhone : Open App Store Search for “powerapps” Install the Power Apps mobile app Open the Power Apps mobile app Click the gear icon in the lower right hand corner of the app. Select “Region se