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DLL Will Not Load in FxCop on Windows Server 2008

I was attempting to install the SharePoint dispose checker into my FxCop program using the rules dll found here, .  After getting everything install I tried running FxCop and received the getting an error that the application could not properly load the assembly. Fix : -Close FxCop -Right click on the SPDisposeCheckRules.dll and go to the properties of the file. -Click the 'Unlock' button on the General tab of the properties form. -Fun FxCop again and the error should be gone.

SharePoint List Definition Exporter

I was looking to create a schema file for a list I currently have in SharePoint.  If you have done this before you can understand the pain.  In my searches though I came across a great tool on Codeplex which offers the ability to export the schema.xml file for a list you currently have in SharePoint. Imtech StsAdm Commands v1.0.0.0 Additional I found a great article on creating the definition and code for deploying a list using a feature receiver.