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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Walkthrough Part 1

A great walkthough of CRM 2011 features. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Walkthrough Part 1 View more presentations from Jukka Niiranen .

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Walkthrough Part 2

A great overview of what is new in CRM 2011 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Walkthrough Part 2 View more presentations from Jukka Niiranen .

Windows Server 2008R2 VMs Shut Down After 1 to 2 Hours

When created a lab environment to test ADFS 2.0 I utilized the Windows 2008R2 VM baselines distributed by Microsoft.  After a few days I was told that I had to activate.  The VMs included a 180 day license for use but I didn't feel like adding another network adapter into Hyper-V to connect them to the internet.  I started having issues though where the servers would shut down every hour or so.  I though that maybe there was a memory issue and Hyper-V was shutting them down in order to free up RAM.  Turns out that if Server 2008R2 is not activated it automatically shuts down after a period of time.  After connecting the server to the internet and activating them the problem went away. Finally the madness of the unknown shut downs has ended :)

Collapse All Visual Studio Projects - PowerCommands

Tired of opening up a Visual Studio Solution and having to deal with collapsing all the project manually.  Check out PowerCommands, it's free and offer these additional features. Visual Studio 2008: Visual Studio 2010: Enable/Disable PowerCommands in Options dialog This feature allows you to select which commands to enable in the Visual Studio IDE. Point to the Tools menu, then click Options. Expand the PowerCommands options, then click Commands. Check the commands you would like to enable. Note: All power commands are initially defaulted Enabled. Format document on save / Remove and Sort Usings on save The Format document on save option formats the tabs, spaces, and so on of the document being saved. It is equivalent to pointing to the Edit menu, clicking Advanced, and then clicking Format Document. The Remove and sort usings option remo