Thursday, November 4, 2010

Windows Server 2008R2 VMs Shut Down After 1 to 2 Hours

When created a lab environment to test ADFS 2.0 I utilized the Windows 2008R2 VM baselines distributed by Microsoft.  After a few days I was told that I had to activate.  The VMs included a 180 day license for use but I didn't feel like adding another network adapter into Hyper-V to connect them to the internet.  I started having issues though where the servers would shut down every hour or so.  I though that maybe there was a memory issue and Hyper-V was shutting them down in order to free up RAM.  Turns out that if Server 2008R2 is not activated it automatically shuts down after a period of time.  After connecting the server to the internet and activating them the problem went away.

Finally the madness of the unknown shut downs has ended :)


BSE_Consulting said...

Thank you. it's what I was thinking.
Really frustrating for demo environments this 1hour shutdown.

Ehsan Asad said...

Thnkz Richard 4 saving my back....I m totally confused abt that issue...