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Power Apps Portal - Configure Azure AD Provider in Azure B2C

It is recommended that you no longer use Local Login authentication for Power Apps Portal but instead utilize Azure Active Directory B2C to provide this type of authentication. See Migrate identity providers to Azure AD B2C Configuring the B2C providers is fairly straightforward utilizing the new preview interface Configure the Azure Active Directory B2C provider . Make sure you navigate to the preview version of the Maker portal for now to access this, . For this article my goals were the following. Set the existing Azure AD and Local Login configuration as deprecated authentication mechanisms within the portal to migrate the users to B2C. Allow user to authenticate to B2C using Azure AD, Google or create local B2C account. Deprecate Old Providers Once I had run through the instructions for configuring the Azure B2C authentication I then had to mark the Local Login and Azure AD authentication methods as deprecated. This ensures that whe