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Horizontally Scroll A Large Power Apps Gallery

So you have a lot of data to display but the screen in Power Apps isn’t large enough. My friend Ronald Sease recently showed me how to create a gallery in Power Apps that you can scroll horizontally. It’s a simple but powerful solution utilizing a horizontal container and a vertical gallery. Demo Instructions First add a Horizontal container to your screen. Set the LayoutOverflowX property on the Horizontal container. LayoutOverflowX = LayoutOverflow.Scroll Add a Vertical gallery within the horizonal container you created. Set the following properties on the Vertical gallery. ShowNavigation = true (this isn’t required but the navigation buttons make it much easier to move up and down the list when the up/down scrollbar is off the screen.) Height = Parent.Height (if you are using the Show Navigation option then set this to Parent.Heigh - 20 so that the navigation buttons are not covered up by the scroll bar.) LayoutMinWidth = 1000 (This value needs to be larger th