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Calculate Date of Birth in SSRS

You can utilize this code in an Expression to find the Date of Birth. =IIF(IsNothing(Fields!dateofbirth.Value), "", IIF( ((Month(Now) - Month(Fields!dateofbirth.Value)) < 0) OR ((Month(Now) - Month(Fields!dateofbirth.Value)) = 0 AND (Day(Now) - Day(Fields!dateofbirth.Value)) < 0), (Year(Now) - Year(Fields!dateofbirth.Value)) - 1, (Year(Now) - Year(Fields!dateofbirth.Value)) ))

Increase CRM Paging Limit for User

Below is an unsupported method for increasing the number of records in each page of a view.  This setting is individual to each users.  In the case below we are updating it for the user related to the DOMAIN\User account.  This is not recommended for normal user but I find it helpful when I need to add 2000 plugin steps to a solution.

SET US.[PagingLimit] = 1000
FROM [Default_MSCRM].[dbo].[UserSettings] US
LEFT JOIN [Default_MSCRM].[dbo].[SystemUser] SU ON SU.SystemUserId = US.SystemUserId
WHERE SU.[DomainName] like 'DOMAIN\User'