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Get Process ID of Application Pool (w3wp.exe)

When wanting to debug in VS sometimes I only want to attach to a specific Application Pool.  To find out which Process Id belongs to what Application pool open a Command Prompt and use the following command. C:\Windows\System32\Inetsrv\> Appcmd list wp You will get a list of all the running application pools and their process id.

Point Internal Servers to Internal IP for Internet Facing Sub Domain

When you want to create internal DNS entries for a domain name that is also registered externally you can actually create a DNZ zone for that specific sub-domain. The first thing I had tried was creating a zone for the entire domain, eg  I then put in A records for the specific sub-domains I wanted.  The issues I had though was that any other sub-domains were unreachable without an A record. Instead what I did was create a zone for my specific sub-domain, eg  I then put in an A record with a blank Host Name and entered the IP address of my local server.  This way when my local servers attempt to navigate to anything in the namespace they will still go to my outside name server unless I have specifically created a zone for the sub-domains I want them to access using internal Urls. internal.local Forward Lookup Zone _msdcs.internal.local internal.local A Record - Name, (same as parent folder) - Type, Host (A) - D