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Install/Configure Power Apps Mobile for U.S. Government and DoD User

For those working in the U.S. Government or DoD/Military space needing the Power Apps mobile application on your phone, an additional step of selecting a region must be taken before you attempt to sign-in. Microsoft has three separate regions listed below where U.S. Government information is stored, for additional information click here . US Government GCC US Government CGG High US Government DoD NOTE: Before attempting the video or written instructions below, contact your system administrator to determine which U.S. Government region you belong to. Video Tutorial Click the image below to open the YouTube video. Instructions Here are the instruction on how to install the Power Apps mobile application and change the region setting before you log in. Android : Open Google Play / iPhone : Open App Store Search for “powerapps” Install the Power Apps mobile app Open the Power Apps mobile app Click the gear icon in the lower right hand corner of the app. Select “Region se