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VS - Find and Replace JS File Name With Version Number

File Name: test. VS Regex: test.\d+(\.\d+)+.min.js

Finding Parental and Cascading Relationships In CRM using SQL

This script will find custom Parental or Cascading Relationship between entities in CRM.  This script was used to determine if someone had changed a relationship on a target system and if that change was causing an import to fail. SELECT REL.[Name] ,[CascadeLinkMask] ,Referencing_Entity.LogicalName ,Referencing_Attribute.LogicalName ,Referenced_Entity.LogicalName ,Referenced_Attribute.LogicalName ,[RelationshipType] ,[CascadeDelete] ,[CascadeAssign] ,[CascadeShare] ,[CascadeUnShare] ,[CascadeMerge] ,[CascadeReparent] ,[IsCustomRelationship] FROM [DefenseReady_MSCRM].[MetadataSchema].[Relationship] REL left join DefenseReady_MSCRM.MetadataSchema.Entity Referencing_Entity on REL.ReferencingEntityId = Referencing_Entity.EntityId left join DefenseReady_MSCRM.MetadataSchema.Entity Referenced_Entity on REL.ReferencedEntityId = Referenced_Entity.EntityId left join DefenseReady_MSCRM.MetadataSchema.Attribute

VS Shortcut for Data View Pane on SSRS Report

To open the Data View pane for an SSRS report do the following. -Open Report -Click on the Report Canvas -Use the following keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + D

CRM SSRS FetchXml PreFiltering Tips

I don't do custom SSRS to often but when I do I consonantly have issues pre-filtering FetchXML in SSRS reports.  The items below are what I have found to be the total set of requirements to make sure it works. Example:  Let's say we have an entity called 'new_house'.  Below is the FetchXML statement I would use in the data set. <fetch mapping="logical" version="1.0"> <entity name="new_hosue" enableprefiltering="true" prefilterparametername="CRM_Filterednew_house"> <all-attributes/> </fetch> Here are the steps i usually take to create this fetch. -Open the query designer and paste in the fetch without the enableprefiltering and prefilterparametername attribute. <fetch mapping="logical" version="1.0"> <entity name="new_hosue" > <all-attributes/> </fetch> -Next add the enableprefiltering="true" attribute then close

RDWeb - Cannot use Connect to a PC Functionality

After completing the setup of the RDS/RDWeb on Windows Server 2012 R2 we were unable to use the "Connect to a PC" functionality. When attempting to connect the following error: Remote Desktop can't find the computer " ". This means that " " does not belong to the specific network. Verify the computer name and domain that you are trying to connect to"  The fix for this is to go into the IIS Manager on the RDS server.   -Go to Server -> Sites -> Default Web Site -> RDWeb -> Pages  -Click on Application Settings.  -Modify the DefaultTSGateway setting by entering the FQDN of your RDS server. eg(rds.richardawilson.lab)