Finding Parental and Cascading Relationships In CRM using SQL

This script will find custom Parental or Cascading Relationship between entities in CRM.  This script was used to determine if someone had changed a relationship on a target system and if that change was causing an import to fail.

  FROM [DefenseReady_MSCRM].[MetadataSchema].[Relationship] REL
  left join DefenseReady_MSCRM.MetadataSchema.Entity Referencing_Entity on REL.ReferencingEntityId = Referencing_Entity.EntityId
  left join DefenseReady_MSCRM.MetadataSchema.Entity Referenced_Entity on REL.ReferencedEntityId = Referenced_Entity.EntityId
   left join DefenseReady_MSCRM.MetadataSchema.Attribute Referencing_Attribute on REL.ReferencingAttributeId = Referencing_Attribute.AttributeId
  left join DefenseReady_MSCRM.MetadataSchema.Attribute Referenced_Attribute on REL.ReferencedAttributeId = Referenced_Attribute.AttributeId
  where IsCustomRelationship = 1
  AND CascadeLinkMask NOT IN (2,3,1099511627779,1099511627778,1)
  ORDER BY Referencing_Entity.LogicalName
  --RefRestrictDelete 1099511627779, 3
  --Referencial 1099511627778, 1,2
  --Parental 4311810305,1103823438081
  --Many To Many 1
  --Configure Cascading 4311810306, 4311810307


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