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SQL Statements to Get Basic Info About Tables

Here are two scripts I found that will help you generate basic info about your database.  This data can be useful when beginning the level of effort for a data migration. NUMBER OF COLUMNS PER TABLE SELECT TABLE_NAME, COUNT (*) AS COLUMN_COUNT FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS GROUP BY TABLE_NAME RECORD COUNT FOR TABLE SELECT + '.' + TableName , SUM (pa. rows ) RowCnt FROM sys.tables ta INNER JOIN sys.partitions pa ON pa.OBJECT_ID = ta.OBJECT_ID INNER JOIN sys.schemas sc ON ta.schema_id = sc.schema_id WHERE ta.is_ms_shipped = 0 AND pa.index_id IN (1,0) GROUP BY, ORDER BY SUM (pa. rows ) DESC FOREIGN KEY CONSTRAINTS (Relationships) SELECT TABLE_NAME, CONSTRAINT_NAME FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLE_CONSTRAINTS WHERE CONSTRAINT_TYPE = 'FOREIGN KEY' ORDER BY TABLE_NAME

Check Out the DefenseReady Daily Standup App for Windows 8

DefenseReady Daily Standup is a Windows 8 app that provides military commanders and leadership with real-time insights into PERSTEMPO and strength levels throughout their organizations. Inspired by SOCOM’s Preservation of the Force and Families Task Force and designed exclusively for use with the DefenseReady platform, the app is optimized for touch-screen control via mobile devices using Windows 8. With a few easy swipes of the mobile device, military leaders can get detailed visibility into data about their forces that previously took significant man-hours and staff coordination to retrieve and compile. DefenseReady Daily Standup can work both online and offline and will sync with real time data when a DefenseReady server is available. View in the Windows Store