Monday, February 4, 2013

Update Thumbprint in Web.Config After Updating ADFS 2.0 Certificate

Recently I had to replace an expired certificate on my ADFS 2.0 machine.  I followed the instruction on the TechNet wiki found here.

The instructions were great but there is one more step that you need to complete before your website will connect correctly.

Once you have the thumbprint of the certificate you are using for ADFS 2.0 you must then update the web.config of each website that is utilizing ADFS for authentication.  Be careful when copying the thumbprint from the certificate properties window.  Make sure to remove all the spaces between the data before pasting it into the thumbprint property of the web.config.



Pierre Andre Joubert said...

Hi Rick,

Thanks for the great post.

One thing thing that I have encountered is I have done exactly what you suggest, unfortunatley I still get this error:

WIF10201: No valid key mapping found for securityToken: 'System.IdentityModel.Tokens.X509SecurityToken' and issuer: 'http://adfs.XXXX.XXX/adfs/services/trust'.

Any thoughts


Dave Dwyer, Jr. said...

I found this site today while searching an error I was getting after a cert roll over. You saved me a ton of time and Google-Fu for this answer. Thank you!