Sunday, December 29, 2013

An error occurred while applying security information to

While attempting to move files from a hard drive I recovered I kept getting the following error on a specific set of files.

An error occurred while applying security information to
Failed to enumerate objects in the container. Access is denied.

In order to fix it did the following.

-Open a Command Prompt "As Administrator"

-Run the following commands:

takeown /f G:\folder/r /d y
icacls G:\folder /grant administrators:F /T


Viet Ha Tran said...

Your input help me much! Many thanks!

Susan Walker said...

I have an external hard drive that was somehow messed with and there are files that cannot be accessed. I'm receiving the same message. How would I fix this issue?

Charles Chan said...

Thanks for your post! It worked when all other attempts had failed.

Thanks again.

Harv said...

Bro - you are THE shit. This worked when nothing else would. Thanks a ton

Joe Jett said...

Nice one Richard! Thanks!

Thinh said...

Thanks for your post! It worked for me !

PowerBrain said...

not working ... access denied error message is coming

HBH ZTH said...

I only get system error when trying those CMD commands.

Admin said...

Very very nice solution. CMD command works for me

Thanks a lot

granadaCoder said...

Bless you.

Sarah Taylor said...

Holy shit you literally just showed me how to fix a problem our "IT" guy has been working on for weeks.....You are the bomb

Lonso said...

This solved it for me

You may also try Computer Management/Shared Folders/Open Files and close any affected files. For me this solved the problem.

Proposed as answer by Robert van Jaarsveld Friday, October 31, 2014 12:45 PM

Tom O'Kane said...

this doesn't work for me, neither commands are being recognised

Unknown said...

Damn!! It worked.
For the ones saying the command doesn't work, put a space after the folder name, as in:
takeown /f G:\folder /r /d y

one more thing, change "administrators" for your administrator name, like my case, in portuguese, it goes like this:

icacls G:\folder /grant administrador:F /T

Thanks a lot, Richard

Nagaraju Tadi said...

Awesome....Richard you simply great. thanks for sharing such wonderful solution. thanks