PowerApps Naming Conventions and Coding Standards

When building canvas apps the naming conventions used by the objects can be very confusing once you have added a few screens.  It is important to make sure you rename your components while working to allow for better readability and supportability of your application.  Below are some common naming conventions which are available within the PowerApps canvas app coding standards and guidelines whitepaper.

Control name   Abbreviation
button  btn
camera control   cam
canvas   can
card   crd 
collection   col
combo box   cmb
dates   dte
drop down   drp
form   frm
gallery   gal
group   grp
header page shape   hdr
html text   htm
icon   ico
image   img
label   lbl
page section shape   sec
shapes (rectangle, circle, and so on)   shp
table data   tbl
text input   txt
timer   tim


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