Use Dynamics WebAPI to get Record Count

Use Dynamics WebAPI to get Record Count

When working in an environment where tools like XrmToolbox are not available or allowed getting a total record count can be a real pain sometimes. One way of doing it just using the browser involves using the Dynamics WebAPI. This came in handy last time we were doing a data load on our production system and wanted to see the status of how many records had been imported.

Small Data Set ( < 5k)

If you are trying to get the count for 5,000 or less records. you can do a simple count on the data.


/api/data/v9.0/<Entity Set Name>/?$count=true



Data Returned


Large Data Set ( > 5k & < 50k)

If your record set will have 5k or more you can utilize the webapi by creating a FetchXml aggregate query, this does have a limitation of 50k records.

Query Format

/api/data/v9.0/<Entity Set Name>?fetchXml=<FetchXml query that has been URI encoded>

FetchXml Format

<fetch version="1.0" mapping="logical" aggregate="true"> <entity name="contact"> <attribute name="contactid" aggregate="count" alias="count" /> </entity> </fetch>

Encoding FetchXml

To encode the FetchXml you can open the Console window in your browser and utilize the encodeURI JavaScript function.

encodeURI('<fetch version="1.0" mapping="logical" aggregate="true"><entity name="contact"><attribute name="contactid" aggregate="count" alias="count" /></entity></fetch>')



Data Returned



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