Custom Grid/Subgrid Using Office-UI-Fabric DetailsList

Custom PCF Grid/Subgrid Using Office-UI-Fabric DetailsList

DetailsList Grid Control

Allows you to simulate the out of the box Grid and Subgrid controls using the Office-UI-Fabric DetailsList control. It was built to provide a springboard when you need a customizable grid experience. This component re-creates a mojority of the capabilities available out of the box in less than 300 lines of code and demonstrates the following:

  • Using the DataSet within a React functional component.
  • Displaying and sorting data within the Office-UI-Fabric DetailsList component.
  • Rendering custom formats for data with the DetailsList component such as links for Entity References, email addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Displaying field data for related entities.
  • React Hooks - the component uses both useState and useEffect.
  • Loading more than 5k records in DataSet.
  • Retaining the use of the standard ribbon buttons by using the setSelectedRecordIds function on the DataSet.
  • Detecting and responding to control width updates.


  1. I see for certain resolutions, on scrolling the grid turns blank. Is it a known issue with your control and any fix available?

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