CRM 4.0 - System Jobs always stuck in "Waiting"

I had just re-isntalled CRM so that I could set it up as an IFD (Internet Facing Deployment) server. Also CRM is set up through an ISA firewall and using SSL. I had to update several fields in the MSCRM_CONFIG database just to get everything to work correctly. I will post another entry with how to get everything workign in IFD mode through ISA correctly.

Now here is what happened.... So one day I was running some test marketing campaign e-mails from CRM and I noticed they were not being sent out. I checkout out the system job page and noticed they were all stuck in the Waiting condition. I tried moving them to Resume but they would just go back into the Waiting condition.

I looked around the web and found out that apparently I had missed a database field update that was not included on the website I found that talked about IFD setup. It's "AsyncSdkRootDomain" and can be found under the DeploymentProperties table.

Here is how to fix it. I have pieced this together from several other people who's pages are linked below.

-Run this SQL command to see your current settings:

Select NVarCharColumn
from DeploymentProperties
where ColumnName='ADSdkRootDomain'
or ColumnName='ADWebApplicationRootDomain'
or ColumnName='AsyncSdkRootDomain';

-You will most like get results that look like this.. where <server> is your server name, and $lt;port> is the port number you are running the CRM website under:


-Run the follow SQL script to update the value for "AsyncSdkRootDomain". Make sure to replace with your server name and with the port number you are running your CRM website under.

Update DeploymentProperties
Set NVarCharColumn = '<server>:<port>'
Where ColumnName = 'AsyncSdkRootDomain';

-Now restart IIS (open a command prompt and run IISRESET)
-Restart the CRM Async service on the server.

You should be back up and running smoothly.

Here are the articles I read that gave me all the info in this article:


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