System.ServiceModel.EndpointNotFoundException in OWSTIMER.EXE

I started getting this error every five minutes after the timer service would kick off.

An Unhandled exception ('System.ServiceModel.EndpointNotFoundException') occurred in OWSTIMER.EXE

Turns out that the error was due to the Forefront Identity Manager Service not being started.  After starting the service the error goes away.


alrama said…
Thank you Richard. My Sharepoint started to raise that Exception after Service Pack 1 installation. You solution solve it.
Merin Nakarmi said…
Thank you Richard.
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Glen said…
Thanks! I started getting this after installing CRM, it was starting to drive me crazy.
Unknown said…
Thanks Richard, You saved my day.
senglory said…
Thank you, Richard! This advise works like a charm!

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